10 English Phrases for Describing Relationships – Free English Speaking Lesson (ESL)
Posted by khiem luc  .  October 24, 2016
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10 English Phrases for Describing Relationships – Free English Speaking Lesson (ESL)

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Relationships with friends, co-workers , boyfriend/girlfriend and family are very important components of our lives. In life we end up meeting variety of people and build relationships with them which are often good and at times bad too. So how do we describe relationships? In this English Speaking lesson we will look at some vocabulary to describe the relationships.

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Best of friends –

You are best of friends with someone when you are extremely close and friendly with that person.
Example - John is best of friends with Patricia.

Not on speaking terms –

When you are angry or upset with someone and no longer talk to that person it means that you are not on speaking terms with that person.
Example - I am not on speaking terms with Adam.

Friends with benefits-

Two friends who share a sexual relationship with any emotional bonding are known as friends with benefits.
Example - Many people these days have friends with benefits.

Inseparable –

People who are inseparable have a very close relationship and spend most of their time together.
Example - Aaron and Sam are inseparable these days.

Intimate –

A very close personal relationship especially a sexual one.
Example - She shares a very intimate relationship with Peter.

Platonic –

A very friendly and affectionate relationship not involving sex.
Example - Their relationships is purely platonic.

Bromantic –

Very close friendship between two straight men.
Example - Adam and Tom are absolutely bromantic.

Illicit –

A relationship which is not accepted by the law or the people.
Example - She has an illicit relationship with a married man.

It's complicated –

This relationship status can be used for the people who are very confused about their type of relationship they share. May be it is a long distance relationship or may be its a very brittle relationship then it can be described as complicated.
Example - My relationship with Shane is complicated.

One way relationship –

When one person puts everything and try to make that relationship work however the other person is least interested then it is considered to be a one way relationship.
Example - I hate these one way relationships, it just upsets me too much to see only one person putting in all the efforts.

So hope these English phrases are helpful to you to describe different types of relationships you share with people.