1. What are Ideas and Trophies?

Idea Box is the plug-in with will help your members to share their thoughts site-wide. This plug-in includes two parts: Ideas and Trophies.

Ideas is a plug-in which helps your members image their ideas. Whenever your members have a thought, they can describe it by using Ideas instead of speaking. In a word, Ideas will turn what your members are thinking in their mind into words to share with others.

Trophies is considered wrappers which include ideas. Suppose one of your site member would like to build a house but he doesn’t know how to design it, what should it look like or how big it should be, etc, he will create a trophy which contains necessary information such as: how much money he has, how many people there are in his family, etc. After learning these pieces of information, other members will suggest him their ideas about house designs. To choose out which is the best one, he can assign some members to be the judges. The idea that is received the highest average point from judges will be the winner. Moreover, if there are already-made ideas about house design, this member can also nominate them into his trophy to compete with others. 

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2. How can I edit a created idea?

A created idea has two statuses: Published and Not Published. If an idea has not published, you can edit easily. But if it was published, after editing it, you have to save it as a new version and choose one to publish with other members. You can do these things in Version History.

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