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Asmira - Automation of School Management and Information Resource Application

Created by I Lyn | January 18, 2014
Version 1 | January 18, 2014
Cost: 1000 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: Yes


The Automation of School Management and Information Resource Application (ASMIRA) is a product developed by Netware Technica. Its primary objective is the automation and management concerns in running an educational institution. Asmira is a cloud-based school system where all major and minor process cycles within a school is automated. The system takes down borders or walls within each department silos. This process allows concerned departments to unify and share its pertinent data across the school thus eliminating redundant, incomplete and unverified data.

Asmira is the result of Netware Technica's research and experience in the Information Technology industry. The designers, developers and technical architects are seasoned in developing robust and scalable web applications. This is a product that will enable schools and educational institutions manage and simplify complex processes. The service will be online 24/7 to give schools access to their data whenever they want and wherever they are. The system was designed and developed in a modular and generic way and can be used by any school of any size and standard.


Verson 1 System Functionalities

  • School Administrators
    • Dashboard Summaries
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Messaging
    • Instant or Scheduled Email Push Notifications
    • Profile Records
  • Finance and Accounting
    • Student Billing
    • Daily Time Record
    • Leave Tracking
    • Purchase Order and Invoice Approvals
    • Cashiering
  • Teachers, Facult and Staff
    • Gradebook
    • Attencance & Incident Reports
    • Messaging
    • Quiz and Exam Question Pool
    • File Repository
  • Students
    • Instant Email Notifications
    • File Repository
    • Class Schedule
    • Gradebook
    • Finance and Billing
    • Library Resources
  • Parents and Guardians
    • Instant Email Notificaitons
    • Attendance & Incident Reports
    • Messaging
    • Class Schedule
    • Finance and Billing

The service is based on recurring monthly-based charges on a per-student-enrolled basis. Version 1 is already done and is in a shippable state. Required funding is for marketing and future enhancements of the application. For more information please visit www.nwasmira.com for more details.


You can contact me directly for more information. Thanks!

  • I Lyn
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    Asmira - Automation of School Management and Information Resource Application
    • January 18, 2014
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