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Sample Idea

Tags: new ideas
Created by I Lyn | November 23, 2013
Version 1 | November 23, 2013
Cost: 3000 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: No


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1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.
"they don't think it's a very good idea"
synonyms: plan, scheme, design, proposal, proposition, suggestion, action point, brainchild, vision; More
meaning, significance, sense, import, essence, gist, drift;
point, aim, intention, purport, implication;
design, motive
a concept or mental impression.
"our menu list will give you some idea of how interesting a low-fat diet can be"
synonyms: concept, notion, conception, thought; More
an opinion or belief.
"nineteenth-century ideas about drinking"
synonyms: thought, theory, view, opinion, feeling, belief, attitude, conclusion; More

2. the aim or purpose.
"I took a job with the idea of getting some money together"


What is an idea? and how does it work here on http://socialengine4.demo.younetco.com ? Those were the two questions that faced us when we decided that people who do whatver they love willnot always want to do it in a job.  We decided on a generous interpretation of the word “idea”. We could have gone for inventions, innovations, social movements and other entreprenuial instruments – anything that helped people identify with creating a product or business out of what they loved.


We are looking for people with passion.  Who have the inspiration to wake up in the morning and know that every waking hour will be commited to the goal of creating a business that they love.


If you are the person that has a product or business that you want to share with the world? Then this is the place to get started and get going.  


Do YOUNETCO you Love!!!

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