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Lamp That Can Read Your Mind

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Created by YouNet Company | March 23, 2015
Version 2 | April 15, 2015
Cost: 1000000 | Feasibility: Complex | Reproducible: No


The Idea: The Mind Lamp is a $189 electric lamp with a random-event generator (REG) built in. When plugged in, the lamp gives off a white light before cycling through eight other colors.  It then stays on the one that you're thinking about.

How does this mind-matter interaction occur? Scientists aren't sure, but they claim that products that use REG behave "very differently" when subjected to human consciousness.

The inventors attempt to explain the phenomenon: "The REG uses a quantum phenomenon called electron tunneling, which is measured as a randomly fluctuating current across a potential barrier in an electric circuit. Surprisingly, and in a way that violates conventional theories in science, the PEAR researchers found statistically significant correlations between the output of the device and human intention in a variety of well-controlled experiments. The mechanism by which this occurs is unknown, and is the subject of ongoing research."

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