Can I buy a deal for someone else?

Yes, you can buy it as a gift for your friend by clicking on Buy it for friend. You must pay for this deal via Paypal, Cash on delivery is denied. When buying successfully, you and your friend will receive our confirmation email.

I bought a deal, then my wife tells me that she also bought that deals. Can I return one and get refund?

In case you or your wife bought the deal with Paypal, you can request refund. If you and your wife bought the deal with Cash on delivery, you can’t request refund.

How many items per deal can I bought?

It depends on each deal. When posting a deal sellers will set number of maximum units bought per buyer. If not, you can buy all available items.

Can I become a buying-selling person? If yes, how can I manage my posted and bought deals?

Yes, we have My Posted Deals and My Bought Deals pages to support sellers and buyers to manage their deals.

How can I know when my posted deal is running?

When your deal reaches start time, system will sent an email to you.

When I buy a deal, I just pay for the deal price or any taxes else?

You must pay for deal price and VAT.

When my posted deal was bought, must I pay for commission fee?

Yes, commission fee will be charged whenever buyer buy a your deal.

What happens when my posted/bought deal reaches end time but doesn't reach minimum units sold?

The deal will be canceled. Buyers and sellers will receive emails.