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by Hiep Pham Duc  –  Apr 08 2015
Questions on mobile app
1. Do you have any demos of your app using the other chat services you support? We are considering purchasing chat also and would like to see how it works. YN chat does not appear to do what we need at the moment (push notifications, sending files, showing person is online etc) 2. Also what does "Support some native gestures" and "Support native controls" mean please in the app description as I don't understand what this is? 3. Can you send a message to a non member, i.e by pressing their photo based on our requirements? 4. Will these features/changes for our next app update be for both android and iphone? what about ipad?
Responded by YouNet Company
We're checking your questions and will give you the answers asap Regarding question #1, we have only one demo for mobile app and it is configured to use our YN Chat. We's like to inform that the Chat functions supported on mobile apps are same with default Chat, Commet Chat and YN Chat. On mobile app, user can see others' statuses (online/offline) as well as send files.