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    how to get Business Page to work with Job Postings (and hide Companies from JP plugin)? Okay, i see that Business Page is more advanced on interactions with users, but I really need more control over the categories and custom fields if I want to run a professional jobs/professional networking site. Can you tell me how to configure the Job Postings plugin so that it redirects all Create Company and Create Job functions to the Business Page Create a Job function? So, where do I integrate with Job Posting and Business Pages. I created a Business page and then tried to post a job and said I couldn\'t post a job. Do you have any samples how you are using Business Page and Job Posting together where the Job Postings\' company create and job create features are hidden or replaced with the features from the Business Page plugin? I own all the jobs plugin, business page plugin and the resume plugin, and seems.
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    These modules are so great. We are looking for new version with more wonderful applications :)
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    If you wish to add an eBook reference and have the book as PDF you can't add anything above 50MB. I feel 70MB is better!

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