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  • 04 Mar 2015
    Luxury bright satin wedding dresses Bright satin is a big element European ancient royal woman can not give up in the choice of wedding dreses, can easily create profile of stiffness, but also exudes a soft light and delicate, like every woman who possess rigid coexistence of beauty. Mellow atmosphere noble coexistence bright satin wedding dress, bridal classic shape and elegant image. View more details on design with satin lace collar long-sleeved wrap skirt, elegant and vintage, large tailing extends from the back, so that the gas field upgrade immediately, as if coming out from inside the queen of classical paintings, classic and noble.Use fabric chest flounced fold shape design, silhouetted against the delicate neck lines, delicate and soft, tighten the waist design, sketched slender waist lines, simple princess skirt shape, so sweet elegance upgrade.Compact and beautiful lace puff decorate white skin, pale beige bright satin skirt wrapped the body just right, and the air hazy veil skirt make full sense of fantasy princess temperament upgrade, bow belt, flower headdress so sweet flavor distribute each the details.The smooth white satin fabric stand by timber design, to create delicate fabric texture change, distribute rich texture and holy glory. Irregular skirt fabric changes with light gauze, two kinds of fabric off each other, simple but not simple.Simple collar sleeveless design with bright satin A-line princess skirt, fluffy skirt and tight upper body lean in contrast bow belt dotted with simple hair bands, classic silhouette and delicate details like the back Elegant 1950s.Oblique tulle hangs over strapless, wearing hazy and fashionable sexy style, simple and has a profile of the hard satin skirt, high waist pants designed with elongated proportions of efficacy, waist, wrist, shoulder shiny embellishment increased overhead Aspect gorgeous details.Sexy backless lace and satin wedding dresses recommendationIn the wedding dress, the classic fishtail halter dress to show the bride's most elegant and sexy. White wedding dress with a brief introduction of the line, the bride's curves show thoroughly. Cross-stripe halter design and so close to the sexy lines echoes the charm bride advancement, people will not forget this one charm.White lace dress worn stitching under the bride's body like a medieval palace princess-like elegance, this elegant more eye-catching in the round pearl embellishment. The backless design oval bride sexy beauty back exposed, a slight depression in the middle of the line so that the original white sexy sexy beauty back more attractive.Quality long tail bride satin wedding dress design is the most elegant and romantic model, is the preferred tall bride. Such a wedding with its unique flow lines, showing the most sexy curvy bride, and the bride's body fishtail design will set off a more perfect. And this wedding, retro pattern with half-naked back design, it is the bride adds a touch of sexy and charming in elegance.A perfect match with the wedding veil1. small cathedral veilStyle bride chapel veil will 2.5yard length. It will loose from your head down, directly over your wedding. This personalized veil for more formal weddings that can be used as a method of increasing the length of your skirt drag way.2. Man Emperor pull type veilThis Spanish-style bridal veil hanging in the head, but it is often made of lace. This bridal veil length can vary scalp and does not need to make it fixed. This bridal veil can give you to add a little exotic.3. Waltz veilThis long veil bride extends from your head to your ankles. This waltz bridal veil bridal veil for those who want to take a long drag and no skirt bride is a good choice.4, double veilThere are two double bridal veil, and the length of these two are not the same. Due to the double bridal veil brides tend to be larger than a single layer veil of space, so make sure you do not let it take away the overall look of your wedding charm.6, referring to long-form veilThis bridal veil length and can match most of ivory satin wedding dresses, veil regarded as the "one size fits all." This bridal veil length is when your hands naturally drooping time just to go to the location of the fingertip. Whether it is a simple and elegant wedding bucket, or elegant prom style wedding dress, can be a perfect match.How to choose strapless satin wedding dress1. right wedding dress sizeBe sure to fit the size of the strapless satin wedding dresses. The bride should try to be more times before the strapless wedding dress, then make minor adjustments to modify according to their own body, he felt a kind of "tailored" to the best effect, in order to avoid some not elegant wedding day move. Do not be afraid to change because of the wedding and the trouble others, must be changed to suit their size, it's best to try several times, so as to show the best of their own wedding day.2. Avoid straight body stylesChest is not very plump bride should avoid chest straight cut Bra wedding, so not only will make the chest look flat, but not perfect breast shape. Small chest bride should choose the kind of prominent curves and waist styles, so you will be confident and elegant wear. V-shaped with heart-shaped section will show you more feminine, fish balance due Bra type of wedding is also a good choice.3. Using transparent strapsIf your body is really not very good control strapless satin wedding dress, but would like to make the wedding look like strapless wedding dress style, then you can try this in two ways: First, indeed Bra wedding style, but with a transparent Shoulder to help bring fixed; the second is to select the shoulder transparent gauze material, chest using lace, chiffon fabrics, such as wedding, this can create a visual Bra wedding.4, underwear should fitMany satin strapless wedding dress sewn a thin corset inside, so you can wear the wave directly behind style silicone wedding wear underwear inside, without additional underwear. If not, they should make sure you are wearing your underwear from style to colour perfectly match the VIVIDRESS wedding dress, no flaws. Read more articles:
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  • 02 Mar 2015
    Preparations for vintage wedding dresses selection Bride plus size medieval wedding dresses selection is certainly the most worrying issue of winter wedding, and now brides who are look at this text, the wedding is likely to be held in this year's winter now. Maybe you collect about weddings booked cheats, then also think that learning about how to buy a vintage wedding dress. Today VIVIDRESS prepare this theme for you: how to choose retro wedding dresses? Comfort and visual tips, please read carefully.Comfortable wearing of retro wedding dresses tips:1, to avoid silk, chiffon, satin, people feel cool large mesh yarn fabrics, the best choice for winter strapless wedding dress comfortable texture, thick, strong fabric insulation. Such as acrylic, cotton, velvet, thick satin, velvet, corduroy fabrics are a good choice for winter.2, winter bridal both warmth and beauty is not impossible, in the cold winter still want to wear strapless wedding dress, sexy charm to become a bride, the best way is accompanied by a wedding dress with the color of the fur shawl. As a result, the true nature of the wedding dress can maintain the charm, but also add to the overall sense of warmth and gorgeous.3 held in the depth of winter wedding dress is best color in some warm colors, or have the effect of sequined fabric. Also in need of special attention is to choose one over the elbow length mittens, make you look stylish and warm. Keep in mind the above points, you will become warm in winter and sexy happy bride!Wedding dresses vintage style overall visual effect Tip:1, due to the relatively heavy winter wedding dress, likely to cause mobility, so the wedding to try to try to lift the arm, bend, walk, sit still and so many angles to feel the winter wedding dress is fit, and not buy too tight winter wedding dress.2, suitable for winter wear larger and more complex crown accessories, you can highlight the bride gorgeous and full of the overall effect.3, in the choice of bridal handbag, try with a fur trim or precious stones aristocratic handbag.4, the best choice of lace or embroidered veil, because the single concise paragraph veil will look weak, inconsistent with the overall shape.5, avoid wedding day wearing thin dress shoes, wedding hotel fine with high winter boots would be a good choice.How to select bridal antique dress fabricsCurrently used in the production of wedding dress fabrics there are many, nothing more than basic common main fabric satin, silk, chiffon, organza crepe pressure and other types of yarn. These fabrics suitable price and performance styles vary, make sure to tell your approximate budget before the custom designer.Currently used in the production of wedding dress fabrics there are many, nothing more than basic common main fabric satin, silk, chiffon, organza crepe pressure and other types of yarn. These fabrics suitable price and performance styles vary, make sure to tell your approximate budget before the custom designer and listen to their suggestions in order to select the ideal price of the fabric for your wedding dress.The following is a brief introduction of three common fabric:SatinThe most common characteristic of vintage wedding dress fabric. Thick texture, drape good sense of weight, warm and strong, suitable for spring and autumn and winter when the wedding. Suitable models more appropriate to focus reflects the contours A word or fish balance due of the wedding, can sense the table Darrow. Feeling with pearl palace or large tail style thick satin wedding dress is also commonly used to produce. Roughly the price of domestic and imported points, simple style of domestic fabric production roughly about a few thousand dollars, the price of the middle, slightly more expensive imported fabrics.LaceFeatures lace fabric originally used as accessories to use, has a sense of luxury and reflects crafted romantic qualities, currently used as the main ingredient of the frequency rises. Suitable for general use in upright style or styles with a small tail on the fabric cover on top of the other, may reflect the bride exquisite figure, if used as accessories, any style are available. Roughly the price of foreign, especially high-priced French lace, made lace on many cheaper overall price also is medium or some.SilkFabric has a distinctive feature of gloss, texture, light, soft and smooth, elegant atmosphere with the most natural, the preferred fabric and chiffon fabrics are summer weddings. Suitable models both for style simple and stylish straight body or fish balance due (of course higher demands on the body), also suitable for straight body section Greek wedding or simply decorated palace. At present, roughly the price is almost the highest price wedding fabric production, roughly 100% silk, pure silk, silk double Palace several, the price is also different, but basically in the million or more, or to several million.Bridal dress retro style preparation for selectingWedding planner who will be based on the requirements of the new people to design a different form of the wedding. Therefore, prospective brides wedding forms they need to make it clear, according to the wedding ceremony they need to prepare for the number of wedding dress.When one set of clothes ready to get marriedThis situation is common in the day before the wedding, festive banquet held in her family, and at the end of the wedding ceremony, the bride back to the door, the back door banquet bride. Then the bride, often wearing a red Chinese clothing on it. Because at this banquet, often no longer hold any wedding ceremony, so the bride can not wear a medieval wedding dress.Second, prepare two sets of wedding dresses from vividress trust online shopsMost brides are ready now two sets of clothes.In the morning of the wedding day, the bride in their own home or hotel, it has been put on the wedding, the groom waiting for the arrival of the next of kin. This body wedding, from the next of kin, has been worn to the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, the bride's dressing room to the hotel, enchant already prepared Chinese clothing. For a good Chinese clothing, you can wear these clothes toast to the guests until the end of the wedding. After the wedding, the bride can wear this Chinese clothing home.Three, three sets of clothes ready to get married (wedding dress, western dress, Chinese clothing)1, and now a lot of new people are held in a two-stage wedding. The first paragraph of the wedding, the bride wore a wedding dress, the wedding between the two, the need for a set of Western-style bridal dress, bridal wear this Western-style dress to complete the second stage of the wedding ceremony. At the end of the whole wedding ceremony, the bride enchant the third set of Chinese clothing, Chinese clothing wear this toast to the guests until the end of the wedding.2, three sets of clothes can also be designed as three-wedding.First paragraph style: wearing Western-style wedding ceremony was held.Paragraph style: wearing Western-style dress, held a ceremony to celebrate.Third type: wear Chinese clothes holding Chinese ceremony. Then, can wear these clothes toast to the guests. At this time, the groom should wear Chinese clothes.Suitable for fat girls wear plus size vintage wedding dresses recommendationNeck sequined lace and transparent designed to attract attention, shift focus too breasts sight.Opening cut satin skirt dress sense at the curve visually portray.Tail for most of the wedding dress the bride figure, beading, folds and other details add gorgeous sense.Heart-shaped neckline and sexy fishtail wedding dress set off temperament.Following the royal wedding chest line plump waist skirt is not enough to cover a flat belly.Fine details contribute carving curves.Strapless retro wedding dress clear cut structure for the full circumference of the bride.Can show off legs short dress significantly help those upper body fat bride back confidenceRich texture of satin skirt waist high waist dress cut so that the stomach is no longer outstanding.Unique shoulder design to the chest and arms look more slender, elongated neck lines.Short-sleeve vintage wedding dresses upper body size play narrow visual effects, the arm fat hidden in the invisible. All rights reserved by VIVIDRESS UK STORE. Web resources:
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  • 04 Mar 2015
    European and American glamorous vintage wedding dresses Bow is not representative of sweet, bow decorative applications on these medieval wedding dresses uk, from the waist curve visually enhance the bride, the bride is more dignified figure. Texture chiffon straps showing a romantic wedding dress, a small V-shaped design with personal strapless wedding dress convergence fluffy pants just right.Truly exquisite craftsmanship care in exaggerated expression, but by presenting the details, contrasting layered fishtail fantasy bride beautiful body curves, lines dress tells silent on its elegance. The most special than fur collar design, the bride noble temperament to show exhaustive.Same as the fishtail gifts this wedding in the choice of fabric on a dress on the continuation of the superb technology in the design of the chest is different, rich three-dimensional and layered chest designed to better show the bride's chest type. Hand-beaded waist on the right side, with the skirt at the rose petal-like winds cascading tulle, reveals the understated luxury.A wedding dress is the perfect combination of design and collar, this dress collar is used with the same gauze skirt material texture, layering sense. Skirt design naturally not simple, is not a simple layered tulle, lace looming on the lines become a wedding in a unique touch.The new season of the vintage wedding dressThe new season of the wedding dress is not only a princess A-line dress, fishtail skirt, straight skirt body section ...... those traditional styles, the designers in order to obtain the bride's heart, through changes in the fabric folds, unique cutting methods, a variety of fabrics collide, wrestling with the skirt to play new tricks, all kinds of fresh style skirt silhouette make your bride Look creative and people never forget!vividress trust online shopsThe whole wedding dress with only a fabric wrapped chest to show a simple upper body design, with full skirt design ingenuity, by folding the air to create a sense of the fabric, to create and impressive wedding Look, sweet and unique .VIVIDRESS retro wedding dressChest wrapped simple A-line dress with a princess-shaped design with, beside waist skirt grabbed excess fabric to create a special skirt silhouette, atmosphere and stylish new looks, look fabric with a delicate texture, looks holy soft.VIVIDRESS antique wedding dressDelicate and exquisite beaded decorate upper chest wrapped design, add a low-key sense of gorgeous, flowing veil create irregular layered skirt, creating impressive and chic dim lighting effects.VIVIDRESS vintage wedding dressDelicate and exquisite beaded decorate upper chest wrapped design, add a low-key sense of gorgeous, flowing veil create irregular layered skirt, creating impressive and chic dim lighting effects.VIVIDRESS medieval wedding dressBeautiful delicate lace printed on the veil, gently wrapped around the body of the bride, barely visible skin of the upper body design, showing off the subtle sexy, fluffy skirt with pleats unique ingenuity of income, showing slender legs, landscaping body proportions.VIVIDRESS retro style wedding dressUpper body is strapless flower lace, revealing sexy skin texture, light champagne short in front long wavy skirt, silk fabrics and delicate lace relying on each other, show slender leg lines, the perfect combination of sexy and sweet.Bride wedding dress custom, avoid legalisticMake custom luxury trend again return to that era, more and more people choose to express their unique attitude. In recent years, many established wedding dress design concept in constant improvement and innovation, from the color to the length, from the details of the work, a new release every quarter are changing. Many do not want to let this legalistic bride have more choices.Non-traditional wedding dress road VIVIDRESSDesigner Owen considering for those who prefer non-traditional wedding brides do a new design to meet their unique taste. As Australia's emerging designers, Owen is designed to meet the needs of the modern bride. Custom luxury make more and more people choose to express themselves with a unique attitude.Designer Owen considering for those who prefer non-traditional wedding brides do new designs to meet their unique taste. In fact, it is considered a traditional white vintage wedding dress into sight began the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840, and before that, the Celtics bride wore a red wedding dress; Christians wearing blue wedding marriage dress; and most of the wedding the bride dressed in wedding dress gray or brown.As Australia's emerging designers, Owen is designed to meet the pursuit of unique modern bride needs. Wedding design is more in line with the designer's personal thoughts and not to pursue commercial purposes.Kim wearing the dress in the "Recording Industry Association Awards" appearance, ask someone to mail a designer, from that time to start thinking about Owen design wedding dress. Also since then, designers continue to receive the bride's wedding dress design requirements, they tend to non-traditional wedding. So, it also allows Owen embarked naturally non-traditional wedding design road, he also had as an independent and bold design fashion women dress shorts, using a French lace and dotted with pearls and Swarovski crystals . This year, Kim dressed in Owen's perspective on the Grammy podium dress stunning debut, leaving everyone remember this cutting-edge designer from Australia.2, free and easy bohemian styleWedding is undoubtedly the life of Big Day, but it was not like this happens, "grand" feeling, try to pursue free and easy, free and relaxed wedding. Of course, the heavy costumes are not affected by these brides of all ages, free and easy and elegant bohemian style wedding is good to their heart.Many wedding brand also launched this year, bohemian wedding, natural lines of building materials show good body curves, soft silk fabric is not only easy to wear off the bride, but also facilitate the activities. Whether you are a country style wedding or a romantic beach wedding, the retro wedding dress is your best choice.3, bold color changeIt must be pure white wedding dress? This is not a timeless truth. In fact now be regarded as a traditional white wedding dress into sight began the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840, and before that, the Celtics bride wore a red wedding dress; Christians wearing blue wedding marriage dress; and most of the wedding the bride dressed in wedding dress gray or brown. In China, red is the traditional wedding dress. Although most people tend to choose white or pale golden light, but there are more and more "do not take the unusual way," the bride want to show on their wedding more unique.Take a look at this year's New York wedding week's show will know, when the era of a lot of blue, red, metallic colors of the wedding appeared in front of you, declaring white wedding domination already passed. And VIVIDRESS this spring and summer and winter black and white with coral color, it is so many people are themselves.4. The return of minimalismIndustrial Design "minimalism" is now also blowing the field of wedding dress vintage design. When more and more designers all eyes are focused on the exquisite embroidery, beading mosaic, large lace used, the complicated folds, some designers have begun back to nature, to remove many complex decorated with fabric texture and extreme cut to reflect the curves of the bride.This year's London wedding week show, VIVIDRESS will bring us a lot of style simple wedding dress design, neat tailoring body modification can be very good, crisp satin highlights the bride elegant temperament. All rights reserved by VIVIDRESS UK STORE. Web resources:
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  • 02 Mar 2015
    Tips for selecting plus size bridesmaid dresses Most ladies begin scanning for their wedding outfits when they get ready for marriage. Discovering a staggering outfit for your uncommon event is not a simple errand. In the wake of requesting the VIVIDRESS plus size purple bridesmaid dresses, you likewise need to pick outfits for your bridesmaids. Keep in mind to pick styles that compliment the entire wedding gathering. In the event that you have larger estimated bridesmaids, here are a few tips that can help you discover decent and agreeable big size bridesmaid dresses. It is imperative for you to pick outfits that look complimenting on your larger measured bridesmaids. Never pick structure fitting plans that embrace the body and show issue regions. As a rule, domain waist dresses and styles with A line skirts are ideal for full figured bridesmaids.In the matter of picking the length, stick to long outfits instead of knee length or shorter styles as these dresses can uncover their most exceedingly terrible gimmicks. Floor length bridesmaid dresses ought to be incredible decisions for your hefty size bridesmaids. It is a smart thought to choose a dress style with a shawl or has sleeves or something to that affect. Full figured ladies generally are not eager to demonstrate their arms. Outfits with shawls or sleeves have the capacity to make them feel more great at the wedding party. Accordingly, on the off chance that you are getting hitched in summer, choose dresses composed with top sleeves.For spouses who are wanting to have winter weddings, pick outfits with long sleeves for your larger size bridesmaids to make them feel more calm. Your full figured bridesmaids will be grateful in the event that you pick dresses with sash, band or different subtle elements that can detract consideration from their awful body parts. Select VIVI DRESS straightforward bridesmaid dress styles. Dresses with complex plans or occupied examples make a larger size lady seem greater. At the point when picking the right hues, stay far from brilliant shades like yellow, hot pink and orange. Make a point to choose a wide range of outfit styles and permit time for your hefty size bridesmaids to have fittings. You have to go with your bridesmaids on these fittings. This bails you to make sense of which style makes them seem enchanting and fits flawlessly on them. Continuously pick dresses that give ultra solace to your larger size bridesmaids and look best on them. Consider the recommendations above and you will discover breathtaking hefty size bridesmaid outfits that can make your wedding service sparkle. Wish you a fruitful and noteworthy wedding! Discovering garments could be exceptionally baffling for the full-figured lady, particularly for getting the right dress for the large size bridesmaid dresses. The choices for the hefty size bridesmaid were extremely restricted before so it could be a significant thought for the spouse whether her full figured companions would be on the bridesmaid list or not. Obviously there would be somebody harmed when your closest companion are the full figured lady and she aren't turned into one of the bridesmaid. Today we could discover the hefty size dress pretty much all over the place. The thought of attempting to discover the hefty size wedding dress or the larger size bridesmaid dresses is not so much difficult at all today. Here are a few tips for you to verify you could discover the best and impeccable dress for you and for your companion. Firstly, you should truly know the shape and the figure of your full figured bridesmaid when you need to discover a dress that would truly suit her. Some style tips you've gained from viewing the design channel would be truly valuable as well.A v-neck area dress on a voluptuous lady would include a truly wonderful differentiating line that would truly make a few keeps an eye on astonished. You could likewise attempt to keep away from the full ball outfit skirts on the grounds that it would just make the full figured lady looked more round than some time recently. What's more the tea-length outfits as well, it would be a bad dream to see a full figured lady to wear those sorts of dress. The key point for each design creator is that they would make an agreeable dress for everybody, on the grounds that when you're agreeable on wearing something, then you would look more wonderful than any time in recent memory. Continuously verify that when your bridesmaids are wearing the larger size bridesmaid dresses, they could move, talk typically, and hit the dancefloor with everybody they need in their dress no sweat.On the off chance that you could discover nothing on the store that would fit your craving and plan, you could simply make it by asking some boutique to help you with the occupation. Generally making the dress independent from anyone else would be less expensive than when you're purchasing it on the store, obviously it would be relies on upon the material you purchase and the boutique that would helped you. Really, in the event that you seek truly cautious, there are truly appealing larger size bridesmaid dresses being sold available today. You should do nothing more than hunt it on the web, particularly when value and plan are in thought. Since the online shop generally would give individuals the less expensive cost for the dress.The aggressiveness of the online shop would make them truly impressive when they put some sticker on the thing they are sold. What's more they would be less expensive in light of the fact that they wouldn't have to have some store at all that would just cost the a ton more for the assessment and everything else. A the day of spouse's wedding is typically the most critical day of her life. Since it truly is, then you must discover the best vividress trust online shops dresses for you and the majority of your companions. Make your hunt at this time. Web resources:
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Shopping 773 views Mar 03, 2015
Vintage wedding dresses, how to choose

Vintage wedding dresses, how to choose

As the heroine of wedding, bride would surely dress up themselves. Dressed in the retro wedding dress who make audience salute particularly important. In addition to personally visit this wedding dress shop center, we have to collect as many thing about the wedding dress, including the trend of design, price and distribution to the wedding shop, and then allow time for custom-made, ready for this sweet wedding.

Trend: retro elements

Recently, much favored by New York society dress designer wedding VIVIDRESS released the 2015 series at London's Park Avenue within a church. A total of 30 sets of vintage wedding dresses now have exquisite craftsmanship and elegant fabrics, exquisite embroidery and lace, layers of lace, chiffon accordion pleats and petals layer swing ...... almost all hope to meet a woman for the wedding. For Oriental women, fashion design wedding which had just been found most suitable for direct design wedding 10 years of Fame master text, to find the most fashionable wedding Keywords for us:? Retro.

VIVIDRESS master introduced, and there is no general trend of wedding dress fashion changes quickly, creating the same dreamy, gorgeous or noble feeling, but changes made to the details of the deal are on. For example shiny elements, you can use different brightness satin fabrics to performance, the bride who should be according to their skin color, stature to choose.

This year, a lot of vintage design elements used in the wedding, including the slightly pleated sleeves princess sleeves, round neck, princess tutu skirt and simple but the body type of embroidery, beaded, diamond ornaments, hollow pattern, rich detail deal with.

Trend: retro elements hot


And fabric, workmanship related

For the choice of fabric, it is easy to ignore by bride, said the master, in fact, the price of the fabric for the wedding, the performance characteristics of the wedding has a close relationship. Currently used in making the wedding a lot of fabric, nothing more than basic common main fabric satin, silk, chiffon, organza crepe pressure and other types of yarn, but under hot retro elements, satin, lace and gauze has become mainstream bridal fabrics.

★ Satin
VIVIDRESS vintage wedding dresses london uk
Thick texture, drape good sense of weight, warm and strong, suitable for spring and autumn and winter when the wedding. More appropriate to focus reflects the contours of the A line or fishtail wedding dress, to express a grand sense. Feeling with pearl palace or large tail style thick satin wedding dress is also commonly used to produce.

It is the most commonly used antique wedding dress fabric. There are domestic and imported points, simple style of domestic fabric production roughly about a few thousand dollars, the price of the middle, slightly more expensive imported fabrics.

★ Lace

Lace was originally used as accessories to use, has a sense of luxury and reflects crafted romantic qualities, currently used as the main ingredient of the frequency rises. Generally used in the upright or style with a small tail on the fabric cover on top of the other, may reflect the bride exquisite figure.

Abroad, especially high-priced French lace, lace-made much cheaper, but also an overall price on some medium or partial. Now many types of lace, embroidery, beaded lace cost, regardless of domestic and imported, are expensive.

★ gauze

Versatile and can be used for the main fabric, but also can be used as accessories to apply at the local, soft texture and elegant, capable of showing romantic hazy beauty, are applicable for all seasons. Rendering the atmosphere of cascading style, princess style palace. A large area can be used alone on a long tail medieval wedding dress, the most likely to create a fantastic feeling.

According to different textures, the price gap between imports organza relatively high prices, the overall price of the middle, ordinary domestic gauze, such as glass yarn cheaper. Also, note how many different yarns and mixed materials.

How to choose vintage wedding dresses

Wedding dresses and our daily lives, worn clothing or a certain gap, so there is no through dress of the bride can be more than the advice of a professional service, and then try again.

1, you can refer to the bridal salon in the magazine first published work, a sample, to understand the style of the wedding, you can also listen to the views of some people come before into the bridal salon, to control their own budget principles, style, for a bridal salon provided To learn more thorough services;

2, when looking at the sample, the temptation not to be beautiful photos on their own time to understand the style of the wedding, so that weaknesses, make their own choice of wedding dress to highlight their most beautiful side;

3, tailor generally refers to measurements of the size, do not eat in front of tailor too much, destroyed the lower abdomen and waist lines, affect the accuracy of the bride should also write down the size of the amount of time;

4, try to wear the best clothes the day before the opening of the bride, easy to wear off, remember to wear white underwear strap, free of the influence of the effect;

5, when you want to take the trouble to try, the advantages and disadvantages of their own body to master clear, do not be a romantic wedding or a gorgeous dress confused, like the style selected after a certain date should be finalized in order to avoid the crash and others;

6, the bride's dress and the retro wedding dress usually there is a certain gap, so there is no through dress of the bride can be more than the advice of a professional service, and then try;

7, at the same time with a good service please earrings, necklaces and other accessories, make peace when given about the content, price, date, time and bonus materials have provided detailed written clearly.
vintage wedding dresses belfast
Long tail fishtail antique wedding dress, sexy charm choice

For a long tail fishtail style wedding dress, I believe that no woman can resist its charm live, sexy, elegant, temperament, the perfect fusion of luxury one, graceful figure accentuates the bride, so that you become the most shining most wedding dazzling bride.

Sexy fishtail wedding dress plus the atmosphere of luxury long tail, full of deadly temptation, as a bride you can resist the beauty of living it? Fishtail wedding dress, and her favorite wedding dress.

Fishtail skirt style wedding dress is the most of all the wedding style pick body, if your body is perfect enough, you have enough self-confidence, then quickly pick a fishtail wedding dress sexy charm of it, such as mermaid-like graceful, sexy charm . Sashay between walking, show charming style.

VIVIDRESS fishtail vintage style wedding dress, the bride becomes feminine and sexy, like a mermaid-like seductive, will show your figure perfectly, model-like pace to show your feminine.

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