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Posted by Jennifer Lopez October 31, 2014
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    Over the last two decades, desktop case design has become uninspiring, disinteresting and complacent. Exterior designs have come and gone yet the ATX form factor has remained the same. Despite revolutionary advancements in processing power, graphics capabilities, and storage technology, this aspect of the PC was left by the wayside. The nearly 20-year reign of the ATX chassis has officially come to an end. Introducing the world's most advanced and customizable desktop chassis, only from ORIGIN PC.

    ORIGIN PC's case frees the GENESIS from the constraints and conformity of the standard ATX chassis. The first-ever full-tower system to feature ORIGIN PC's Variable Mounting, the GENESIS delivers unprecedented flexibility, including four motherboard mounting orientations, customizable remote controlled LED lighting, up to 34 total system hard drives, and GPU and CPU Cryogenic Liquid Cooling. These features make the GENESIS a desktop without limitations.


    • Form-Factor
    • Size and Weight
      Height: 25.26 ”
      Width: 9.75 ”
      Depth: 24.8 ”
      Weight: 80 lbs 
    • Variable Mounting Technology
      90° Standard
      90° Inverted
    • Color Options
      Standard: Red, Black, White
      Custom (Side Panels or Complete Chassis): Custom Paint, 
      Metallic (Side Panel Only): Eternal Pink, 
      Metallic (Side Panels Only): Cyborg Green, Atmos Blue, Horizon Yellow, Sabot Grey, Atmos Blue, 
      Themes (Side Panels Only): Shredder Blue, Shredder Green, Shredder Red, Neurons
    • Ports
      4 X USB3.0 
      1 X Microphone 
      1 x Headphone 
    • Bays
      34 X Internal 2.5" 
      12 X Internal 3.5" 
      7 X External 5.25" 
    • Special Features
      Variable Mounting 
      16 LED Color Lighting Settings 
      Remote Controller LED Settings 
      Switchable Manual/Auto Fan Control 
      5 Bay Hot Swap Cage 
    • Cooling Support
      Up to 3 X 360mm Radiators